Monday, September 23, 2013

How to do Minnie mouse Nails? - step by step tutorial

Hello Ladies,

Welcome to tutorial tuesday ! I would like to share my step by step tutorial for "How to do Minnie Mouse nails?" I love this cute character. Hope you too :)


1- Start with a nude base

2- Then with a thin brush mix acrylic colors to make skin tone (add pink, yellow and white for skin color) and make outline of her face. Start with a heart like shape for forehead.

3- Draw outline using black acrylic color. Add ears and head also as in fig.3

4- Add lashes on her eyes and a red bow and you are done ! But I thought to further fine tune it so I added some more base color on sides of her cheeks and again did outline(fig 7,8,9).

You can always go back and correct your mistakes to make it look better !

Thats it ! I also would recommend first practicing on paper. I draw my nail stencil on paper and then draw the image to figure out size and all ....

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